Assistant Language Teachers in Susono

April 20, 2009

There are now six Assistant Language Teachers working in the city run elementary and junior high schools in Susono. The high school also has an Assistant Language Teacher who is employed through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET).

The Assistant Language Teachers at elementary and junior high school are employed through the Susono Overseas Friendship Association.

This year most of our job roles as Assistant Language Teachers has changed. Firstly an extra ALT was employed. Now there is no longer just one Assistant Language Teacher for the elementary schools. Rather three of us go to elementary school for a few days a week and junior high school at other times.

Further, all but one Assistant Language Teacher in Susono changed schools at the start of the new school year at the beginning of April.

I quite like the system of moving to a different school as an Assistant Language Teacher as it keeps the job fresh.