Healthy diet Japanese style

June 5, 2009

I have always lived under the impression that I eat a healthy diet. However on closer inspection earlier this year I realised that I was falling well short in the fruit and vegetable department. Since then I have made a concerted effort to step up my fruit and vegetable consumption.

A purchase I made a couple of months ago has really helped. I bought a fruit and vegetable juicer from Rakuten for the bargain price of 31,000 yen. Pretty damn expensive but it is a top juicer that allows me to make my own fresh fruit and veg juice any time I get the urge.

For my breakfast I am having a pint of carrot, orange and ginger juice daily. This gives me five servings of fruit and veg before I’ve even left the house as part of an alkaline breakfast.

It kind of disappoints me to see so much imported fruit from as far away as places like Florida. That said, the oranges are very juicy! On the vegetable frontier though there are plenty of fresh greens available down the local farmers’ market.

To be honest I can hardly remember eating spinach at all when I lived back in the U.K. Now though, it is a regular feature in my diet.

Another great thing about living in Japan is that it’s easy to eat plenty of fish which has a knock on effect of reducing meat consumption. I still love a good yaki-niku but now have no problem going without meat for days.

Increasing the amount of fruit and veg we eat helps us combat the ill effects the typical Western acid diet has on our health. Living in the East I aim to be a healthier me!