The best place in Japan

May 21, 2009

This is ALT Susono’s first Japan blog matsuri (carnival) entry. The theme of the blog matsuri is “The best place in Japan” and is hosted this month by The Nihon Sun.

For my article on the best place in Japan I am going to define best as a place that gives me tons of value; a place where I have the chance to visit regularly; somewhere I always look forward to going to; and a place in the town I live…Susono!

Introduced in pictures I present 大貴(Daiki), the best place to eat on a budget in Susono Japan.

It takes less than two minutes to walk there from Susono station.

view from the station

The shop front up close.

shop front

My seat.

the counter

My current favorite 定食(set meal) is the aji fry set.

aji fry set

Daiki holds a special place in my heart. I was taken there on the very first day I arrived in Susono over six years ago. Since then I have probably eaten there about 500 times.

As long as you are not a vegetarian, the menu is wide enough to find something to suit your mood. I usually go for something fried but in Japan even that is healthy!

The obasans running the place are a bunch of gossips so it’s fun listening to them opine about the latest local scandal.

If you ever find yourself in Susono, visiting from our sister city in Australia or on your way to climb Mt. Fuji, my hot tip is to get your set on at Daiki.