Mobile ALT

My school life has changed since the beginning of the new school year at the start of April.

Instead of being at one school almost all the time, I now visit four different schools. When I started as an ALT in Susono I was based at only one school. Then graduated to occassionally visiting an elementary school. Now I’m all over the place.

Initially I was reluctant to leave nishi junior high school. It is so close to my apartment and the teachers were great. However as I had been there for four years I thought trying something different would spice up my ALT lifestyle.

Going to four schools means I get to meet loads of different teachers and students too. Today I was teaching a 5th grade elementary kid who I used to teach at nursery school. Another reminder of just how long I have been living in Susono!

So far I am enjoying my new role as a mobile ALT.


2 Responses to Mobile ALT

  1. Jamaipanese says:

    wow 4 years in Japan I wonder if I will be as lucky as you

  2. synewave says:

    I’m actually beginning my 7th year in Japan. Not only that, I’m in the same small town as when I first arrived! It’s a pretty quiet town and I think I’ll be here for a bit longer!

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