Susono Parks – Susono Undo Koen

I decided that having smaller posts on individual Susono Parks filled in the Susono adventure category might make things easier to read. Earlier today I went to the park with my son. Here is a brief review.

裾野市運動公園 (すそのし うんどう こうえん) (Susono-shi Undo Koen) or Susono Sports Park is far away from the center of Susono. You really need a car (or someone else to drive you) to get there!

When I first started working as a Susono ALT I hardly ever went to the Undo Koen. Now though, I have a car and a son so have both the means and a good reason to go there!

There are some great sports facilities there. For example an athletics track with football pitch; a baseball ground; tennis courts; and a large grassy park. I take my son to the park area because that’s where the most fun for kids is to be had.

There are two big roller slides. One gentler and shorter than the other. It’s fairly painful on your backside if you ride the slide unprotected. Typically Japanese parents and kids make a sledge type contraption out of thick cardboard. Mr Matsuyama from the Board of Education kindly made one for my son and I the last time I popped into City Hall.

Undo Koen map


3 Responses to Susono Parks – Susono Undo Koen

  1. dragonlife says:

    dear Andy!
    Robert-Gilles from Shizuoka!
    Glad to see that someone in Susono has a blog!
    Been many times there!
    Where do you work? Kato Gakuen?
    Let’s have a chat sometime!
    If it’s ok, I’ll give you my phone number by e-mail!
    Just in case WordPress takes you to my Fantasy Blog!

    Check this blog, too (Patrick):

  2. synewave says:

    Robert-Gilles, looks like you have some cool blogs on the go. Sure, would love to have a chat about blogging in Shizuoka pref. sometime!

  3. dragonlife says:

    Dear Andrew!
    Will start linking!

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