Susono Parks – Susono Chuo Koen

Susono is famous for 自然いっぱい(しぜんいっぱい)(shizen ippai) – having a lot of natural beauty. So it’s no surprise there are a number of parks. As long as the weather is reasonable my son and I usually go to at least one of the following parks each weekend.

中央公園 – Chuo Koen – Central Park

This park is just behind Nishi junior high school. It is famous for 五竜の滝(ごりゅうのたき)(Go Ryu no Taki) – Five Dragon Waterfall. There are 3 prominent waterfalls and two others hidden behind some trees.

The Susono ALT working at Nishi junior high school usually has a few chances to visit throughout the year.

Chuo Koen is pretty peaceful although kids sometimes disturb the tranquility. My son chucking stones into the river being one of them. Let’s face it, it’s more fun being noisy.

Each May, Midori festival is held in Central Park. There are a variety of stalls selling all kinds of Japanese foods. The local taiko drumming group also puts on a performance.

One of the highlights of the park is its suspension bridge over the river. From the bridge you can get a perfect view of the waterfalls.

Central Park is closed on Mondays although it’s easy enough to jump the gates although as a responsible ALT I would never do anything like that!

More to follow…


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