ALT Susono a new blog

I was asked by the Susono Overseas Friendship Association to redesign their website. And had the idea that it might be nice to have an English record of what the ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) get up to in our day to day life in Susono.

ALT Susono is going to record what life is like for ALTs in Susono. See the About page for more details.


2 Responses to ALT Susono a new blog

  1. Jamaipanese says:

    read most of your posts so far. I am a few years off from qualifying to apply to be an ALT in Japan because I don’t have a degree yet but it will be good to read about your experiences

  2. synewave says:

    Thanks dude. While working as an ALT is nothing special it’s nice to hear that writing about what our job involves might be of use to you.

    Did you read Deas’ post about the various info contained on the white/black boards in the school staffrooms? Good stuff!

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